Bumble and bumble

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Bumble and bumble began as a NYC salon in 1977 where we clipped, colored and styled our way into prominence with a legendary editorial team, a strong design ethic and extraordinary products, and to this day remains deeply, passionately and fearlessly dedicated to the craft of hairdressing.

  • Big is Back with Bumble and bumble's Thickening Family Additions

    When Bumble and bumble introduced Thickening Hairspray in 1989, a salon and backstage icon was born. It delivered everything hairdressers and clients were looking for – it added volume and thickness to hair while lending grip, an essential texture for styling versatility.

  • Bumble and bumble Surf Shampoo and Conditioner

    Now, the cult of Surf continues with two breakthrough hair care products from Bumble and bumble that bring the buoyant body and seabreezy texture of Surf to the shower: introducing new Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner.

  • Bumble and bumble revamps its iconic Uptown Salon

    Bumble and bumble unveiled their newly revamped Uptown Salon in New York City. The redesign, the first in many years, was based on extensive research of existing Bumble and bumble clients and Bb.Stylists alike, with the goal of transforming the client salon experience.

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The finest brushes make for blow dry perfection: introducing our new Flat and Round Brushes, crafted to meet the expert demands of our stylists. With just a short trip across the pond, we partnered with the best - Kent Brushes - to craft tools that even the Queen approves of. Use the Flat Brush for straight, polished styles or opt for full, voluminous styles with The Round Brush. Shop now at www.bumbleandbumble.com.

Los Angeles just got a lot more style. When Bumble and bumble’s Kate Schlichter, head of our cutting program at our two NYC salons, decided to make the move to the West Coast, we were heartbroken. But she didn't leave the family; just the nest. Kate has set up shop (and scissors and razor) in an amazing Bb.Network Salon in Santa Monica, the Saulino Smith Salon, a super-chic space overlooking the beach. In addition to tending to her new California clientele and jetting back to New York to satisfy her New York fans, Kate will also be teaching Bumble and bumble classes around the West Coast (and playing with her adorable Frenchie Rosie on the beach). To schedule an appointment with Kate, call the Saulino Smith Salon at 310.451.4443. They’re located at 1431 Ocean Avenue, Suite B.

Make the most of your blow dry with two new heat-protective stylers including All-Style and Repair Blow Dry, joining the original favorite, Straight Blow Dry. Available now at www.bumbleandbumble.com.